Ways To Give Your Gadgets a Long and Clean e-Life

The new laptop and tablet hybrid was made with durable materials and comes with a one-year international warranty and accidental damage protection, so you’re really covered. That’s smart, because life and coffee spills happen. But even if you’re not a klutz, these three tips will definitely extend the life of your Ultrabook so you can enjoy it through this season of Game of Thrones, and way past the ultimate day when Khaleesi comes swooping in on her dragon to claim the iron throne. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, you need to start watching HBO Go on that little Ultrabook of yours.


Remember It’s There

The Asus Taichi Ultrabook weighs less than three pounds. I’ve seen cheeseburgers on the Food Network that weigh more. The Ultrabook is so lightweight you might forget you have it in your bag when you drop it on your bedroom floor, and though it’s made of durable aluminum and Gorilla Glass, you should probably refrain from dropping it like it’s hot, obviously.

Keep Your Filthy Paws Clean

If you’re like most people, you use your fingers to eat and interact with the world, which makes for dirty digits. Wash your hands before using your Ultrabook or wipe down the keyboard, touchpad, and both screens (dual screens!) a few times a month with the cleaning cloth that it came with. Yes, it comes with its own cleaning cloth so you really have no excuse.

Conserve Energy on Both Your Behalves

To extend the Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Battery life for times when you forgot the plug turn the screen’s brightness down and the WiFi off if you’re not using it. Adjust your sleep settings so it quickly goes into power saving mode. If you do it right, you can watch a whole lot of Game of Thrones before having to plug in.

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