Top Websites, Apps & Gadgets for Fashion Lovers

There are an endless number of websites, apps and even gadgets on the market specifically designed with the fashion lover in mind. From ways to catalog your personal clothing collection, to sites designed to leave you feeling inspired – you don’t have to look far to find technology created for the fashion lover.The Best Apps, Websites & Gadgets for Fashion Lovers

Stylebook App
Ever wish you had a visual catalog of your closet? Stylebook App allows you to take photos of your clothes, create outfits with them and even generates packing lists for trips! You can save inspirational outfit images too and access the entire contents of your closet at your finger tips from anywhere.


Pose is a fun way to share and discover style. Users can upload photos of their outfits, tag the brands they’re wearing and allow people to shop their look. Much like Instagram, this app is quite addictive and allows fashion bloggers (and readers) another outlet to share their personal style.

Vizio Thin and Light Ultrabook™Vizio Thin and Light Ultrabook™
There is nothing worse than trekking around town with a heavy laptop. Thanks to the super slim and sleek Ultrabook you can always be connected when you’re on the go and access your favorite websites, update your blog and organize your photos.


Chic Feed
Chic Feed cultivates the best fashion content on the web from a select group of websites and allows you to view it all in one place – which is ideal for streamlining your web browsing. We have our eye on this site as one to watch this year as it expands to feature more websites and blogs.


Frends Headphones
Ideal for the fashionista on the go, these gorgeous hand-crafted leather headphones compliment any outfit – and even add a bit of glamour – which is unexpected for headphones!

External Charger

External Battery

An external charger is practically a necessity these days – with the multitude of apps, tasks and time spent on our phones it seems like the batteries drain in no time. Simply charge this adorable Dell Vostro 1720 Laptop Battery with your laptop and stash it in your bag for a quick fix of battery life.

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