Top Tools For Tech Savvy Music-Loving Runner

5 Essential Tools For RunnersAlthough a runner’s “high” is a mythical elixir to some, to many it remains a source of daily meditation. Those who relax mid-stride often credit a certain music playlist as their central source of motivation. These five accessories and tech tools will ensure you go that extra mile, just so you can hear that extra song.

1. Sony XBA-S65

Sony XBA-S65Price: $89.99

These days, choosing the right pair of headphones can be as painstaking as buying a new car. For music-loving runners, however, there are a few important factors that outweigh headset aesthetics. With adjustable ear loops, the Sony XBA Balanced Armature Sport Earbuds provide an intense audio experience without the risk of falling out. At $89.99, these sweat-proof and water-resistant headphones are far more affordable than most competitors, allowing you to push it to the limit, rain or shine.


Jog.FMPrice: Free! is the perfect tool for the indecisive runner. This app configures a personalized exercise playlist according to your individual pace and BPM. You are also given the ability to narrow its selection according to your favorite music genre, as well as map out your desired running route.

3. Marware ADSC11 SportShell

Marware ADSC11 SportShellPrice: $39.99

Since pockets are not a common luxury of most running get-ups, the MP3 player bicep strap has become a necessity. The fatal flaw of these cardio-friendly porters is the requirement of removing your current protective case prior to hitting the road. Unlike others, the Marware SportShell also acts as casual, pocket- and purse-friendly case for your iPhone 5. When it’s time to pick up the pace, it is simply snapped onto the comfortable armband.

4. Zombies, Run!
Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

Zombies, Run!Price: $7.99

After creates your perfect playlist, use it as the soundtrack of your very own zombie apocalypse! Zombies, Run! is an app that immerses runners in an action-packed game and story mixed with your own music.


MOTOACTVPrice: $149.99

Motorolla’s MOTOACTV is a music-loving runner’s dream. Within this sleek wristwatch is a GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, and smart MP3 player, which learns which songs motivate you by measuring your performance against music. Like the best toys always do, the MOTOACTV also offers an assortment of accessories like armbands, bike mounts, and a choice of sports headphones.

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