Top Sleek Clocks for Your Home

Time is very important to me. I often feel as though I don’t have enough of it. So in an effort to make more time, I fill my home with clocks. (One day, my logic will hold true. I am certain of it!) My love of clocks have developed into somewhat of an obsession over the years (pinning clocks has become my way of coping), and today I thought I’d share some of my favorite clock designs for you to dress up your home with. A well-designed and well-place clock can really enhance the look of a room.

How do you incorporate clocks into your home design? Share your favorite time pieces in the comments.

1. note pad clock
2. pink clock
3. text clock
4. hedgehog clock
5. triangle clock
6. London clock
7. ruler clock

1. date and time flip clock
2. mantle clock
3. magnified clock
4. geometric clock
5. ceramic and wood clock
6. orange painted clock

One of my favorite online clock shops has to be They truly design some of the most innovative and sleek clocks out there, and always have a way of keeping things fun. So if you have some “time on your hands” (sorry for the bad joke), I recommend a visit to this shop for sure.

1. Big Time
2. Mozia
3. Icona
4. Blackboard

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