Top 7 Business Travel Essentials

While traveling for work can be an exciting break from the routine of the office grind, it’s important that you pack appropriately to remain comfortable and efficient while on the road and in the air. Here’s a list of seven items that you should not forget to bring.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Oh, so that woman did want to show you a picture of her dogs even though you were very clearly working? With noise canceling headphones you can just smile sheepishly and point to the headphones when someone asks you an inane question. These babies are the best for blocking out even the loudest New York accents.

7 Essentials for Business Travel

Running Shoes

A pair of portable running shoes can be easily slipped on and off at security and give your arches support at the hotel gym. Saucony Peregrine 2s weigh less than ten ounces for men and women.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook™

Flight time is prime time for getting work done, and if you look busy the person next to you won’t show you pictures of their dog. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook is a combination tablet and laptop, plus it’s portable with a good Lenovo thinkpad t61 laptop battery life. If you order now, you get free shipping.


Bring. Your. Own. Snacks. Even if Delta insists they have snack boxes for sale, sometimes they run out of them on the exact day your connecting flight was delayed and you didn’t have time to get oatmeal at Au Bon Pain so now you’re strapped into a tiny seat with low blood sugar. Mini Babybel cheese and crackers are a good idea.


There will come a time, two times actually, on your flight when you can’t use electronics. Come prepared. The footnotes alone in Infinite Jest will keep you distracted for many takeoffs to come.

Neck Pillow

Ugh, the red eye. While it’s usually the most affordable and efficient flight option, it’s definitely the least comfortable. Bring your own pillow if you plan on sleeping. This one is stuffed with feathers and down.


You’re carrying on your suitcase, right? Right. Pack your favorite business casual clothes inside an Osprey Ozone 18” bag because it’s durable, attractive, and reminds you of the days when you could backpack in Central America and not worry about your business trip.

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