Top 6 Personal Development habits

6 Personal Development habits 6条利于个人提升的习惯

1.Read 1 book per week. Reading is a good way to keep your brain active. With just 30 minutes per day you should be able to read one book per week, or more than 50 books per year.

2.Solve puzzles. Quizzes, word games, etc. are all good ways to exercise your brain.

3.Think positively. You are what you think, all the time.

4.Make fast decisions. Instead of thinking for one hour wherever you are going to do
something, make your decisions as fast as possible (usually less than 1 minute).

5.Wait before buying. Waiting 48 hours before buying anything is a tremendous money saver, try it.

6.Meditate 30 minutes per day. A great way to gain clearness and peace is through meditation. 30 minutes are not a lot, but enough to get you started with meditation.







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