Top 6 Life-Changing Music Apps

There are endless ways to kill time on the Internet, but we can all agree that discovering new music is never a waste of a time. After all, it’s music. It makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel… whatever that means. Here are the best ways to discover new music on the internet.

spotify_thought.jpg1. Spotify
If you’re anything like me (someone who has limited space on their hard drive and subsequently, a non-existent music library), Spotify is a godsend for those times when you’re in the mood for a Weekend Jam session but don’t have the patience to cherry pick YouTube videos to satiate your auditory needs. You can browse through music by theme, artist, or user — the users being anyone from your Facebook friends to DJs to celebrities like Napster founder Sean Parker (who obviously makes a killer playlist).


Last June the Internet went quiet, but it wasn’t because its key players were all summering in the Hamptons — they were just completely absorbed by interactive music sharing platform Productivity plummeted to new lows as amateur DJs spent the workday battling each other in themed rooms like 1998, Hard Rock, and Chillwave(?). While I had to get back to work, the most addicting web experience of 2011 is still alive and well and continues to be one of the best ways to discover new music without lifting a finger.


3. Pandora
Sure, Pandora is old news but if it’s not the best music website for the lazy listener, I don’t know what is. Type in a genre, artist, or song and allow the Music Genome Project to crawl the web looking for similar tunes you’ll (probably) like.

MOG_thought.jpg4. MOG
MOG is a celestial jukebox, a digital library of almost every single song and artist on the planet. For a small subscription fee, it allows you to listen to whatever, whenever, wherever (on your computer, your cell phone, even in your car). MOG also sponsors a host of awesome music blogs like Death and Taxes and AsianManDan.

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 5. SoundCloud
SoundCloud democratizes digital music sharing by making it simple — and free — for anyone to upload and share their tunes. As such, it grants the user access to smaller acts, hard-to-find mashups, and various remixes that won’t be found on bigger platforms.

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song_kick.png6. SongKick
SongKick scours your iTunes library and keeps you up to speed on which of your favorite artists are playing shows and festivals near you. It also gives you recommendations based on your tastes — like a music-savvy friend you actually want to listen to.

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