Top 6 iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

topiphoneapps.jpgApple commercials are known for their effectiveness or smugness depending on where you sit. Have you seen the one that begins, “If you don’t have an iPhone…” I find that one particularly snobby, but as someone who has both a Blackberry and an iPhone, I have to agree.

While the Blackberry is my business workhorse, allowing me to quickly access and respond to emails and Skypes, Blackberry apps just don’t compare to iPhone apps. From the ease of installing (I despise the Blackberry app store and installation process) to the incredible and varied selection, Apple wins apps.

Here are six of my suggestions for iPhone apps you didn’t knew you can’t live without:



Can’t make it through a movie without having to go to the bathroom? This app tells when the plot takes a non-essential turn so you can “run pee.” It even archives movies in theaters now.



Speaking of running, last year, C25Kapp (Couch to 5k) turned me into a runner. The app also tracks your pace and distance and you can share your runs with your social networks, inspiring others to get off the couch, too. If you never thought you could be a runner but you are willing to try, I highly recommend this app. Add your music and go. In just nine weeks, you’ll be running a 5K.



This is my go-to app (there is also a web version) when I have 5 or 10 minutes to kill. Think of it as a grouping of bulletin boards where you pin images of pretty or interesting things. Things that inspire you or things you want to remember. I’m using it to plan a living room decorating project. I pin things that I like and I can share my board with my husband so he can see what I’m thinking.



Finally, a relatively quick and ridiculously easy way to take video and then share it, either with your social networks or via email. Think of it like instagram for video (without the fun effects.) This is the video app I’ve been waiting for.



If you’re a parent, you know that one of the best uses for your iPhone is to keep your kids occupied in desperate moments. Cube Dog is an adorable dog who is always with you. It’s the tamagochi for now generation. My 7-year-old daughter loves playing with her Cube Dogs (she has three) who respond when you pet or tickle them. There are some amazing “tricks” you can do with your Cube Dog, too. And best of all, no poop to pick up!

Weight Watchers Mobile 


If you are a “tracker” (that’s my insider Weight Watchers speak) you should be using the mobile app. Not only is it a convenient way to track your points, but it is an invaluable resource when it comes to recipes (both finding and building), evaluating restaurant menus, tracking weight and workouts, all in a beautifully-designed, intuitive app. This is not your mother’s Weight Watchers–anyone interested in mobile app design and usability should check out Weight Watchers Mobile. It’s a Webby People’s Voice winner for a reason. Not just for iPhone, either.

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