Top 5 travel apps you should immediately download

Playing Ruzzle is an amazing way to spend one’s time, but did you know there are apps that can help you be a more efficient person? It’s true. Especially when it comes to travel which can be overwhelming and make you feel discombobulated. Here are 5 travel apps that you should immediately download on your Dell inspiron laptop with inspiron 1520 extended life battery.


1. Oanda Currency Converter

Currency rates (and math) are very confusing. This app does all the work (and math) for you while keeping up with the regularly changing rates. Remember when francs still existed?

2. Kayak

This is the only app you need to check rates on flights, car rentals and hotels. I promise.

3. Free WiFi Finder

Whether you’re online or off, this app gives you direction to free WiFi spots across the globe. And yes, the whole world has WiFi access now, even communities in Paraguay that don’t have garbage pick-up.

4. WhatsApp Messenger

If you don’t have an international phone plan (who in America does?) then download this app so you can text for free using WiFi when you’re abroad. OMG and WTF and all that.

5. iFly Pro

This app has in-terminal navigation for over 700 commercial airports. A lifesaver if your flights delayed and you want to know if you’ll have to run all the way through O’Hare to catch your connecting flight, or if you can just gently sprint.

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