Top 4 Ways To Have A Lot of Momentum In Your Life

Having a lot of momentum and energy every day is really important for you in order for you to succeed in every area of your life. In the past, I never had any focus in my life and didn’t have the momentum and drive to perform at my level best. However, I soon realized that there are certain things that everyone must know in order to have the great “superstar” feeling every day.  Below I have listed 4 ways you can gain momentum in your life right away.

1. Get outside of your comfort zone everyday

Getting outside of your comfort zone is very important if you want to grow as a person. I am in Sales and I make a lot of cold calls and walk into new businesses everyday to introduce Direct Marketing products. I make a habit of getting outside of my comfort zone every day by meeting new people. You will realize that when you do the things that you are afraid of doing, you will gain more momentum in your life; you will feel like you have more energy because you are facing your fears every day. The reason most of us have a hard time doing what we fear is because our ego gets in the way and we start overanalyzing everything. Next time your heart starts beating when you want to face your fear, be really alert and aware of how you are feeling at the moment and redirect all your energy from your mind to your body so you can feel more at ease. Learn how to be the “watcher of all your thoughts” instead of being caught up in them.

2. Have clarity in your life

When you are clear about what you want in your life and are congruent with all your goals, you will start attracting the things you want in your life. Your mind will not wander in different directions. You will also feel like waking up early everyday and have a lot of energy because you will know exactly what you want to accomplish that day for you to get closer to your goal. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. Many people feel dissatisfied and have a hard time finding their passion because they are not aware of what excites them the most. They start living what other people tell them to live and they later get burnt out. Make a habit of spending time with yourself and thinking about what excites you the most. If you spend some time focusing on understanding yourself and what you really want out of your life, your creative side will start working and you will find ways to live up to your passion.

3. Make sure you are living your life purpose

When you are living your purpose you will feel happier and fulfilled. You also won’t get conflicting thoughts within you. You will know when you are living your life purpose when all the activities that you perform seem effortless. You won’t feel like performing a specific task because you feel like you have to but because you love it and are so immersed in it. My main purpose in life is to help others, whether it is through blogging, speaking, or my sales job. If I am not living my purpose fully, I can feel that there is something wrong and I won’t be in the zone.

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4. Stop spending time on tasks that don’t get you ahead

Many people have a habit of doing things that don’t get them closer to their most important goal. Sometimes I have a habit of responding to personal emails during the day and procrastinate on sending the important client emails. Then I end up staying up late at night to do the important emails and barely get any sleep.  You will notice that when you are focusing on the most important tasks during the majority of your day, you will have more energy to do other stuff towards the end of the day also. Your self-confidence will naturally rise also.

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