Top 4 Hysterical and Ridiculous iPhone Apps

The iPhone app store is vast and intimidating — like WalMart, but dorkier. I’m not sure these four apps will do anything to improve your quality of life, but they will give you something to talk about at your next nerdy social engagement.

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?


“Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?” was designed to answer the eternal question posed by The Clash: should you stay or should you go? After tracking your emotions on a day-to-day basis, the app will analyze the data and provide you with a handy graph depicting how your emotions have fluctuated over the course of two weeks. But in the spirit of saving both your time and the 99 cents the app costs, I’m going to surmise that if you’re relying on iPhone games for relationship advice, you should probably, definitely go.
Run Pee


Having to pee during a movie is a brutal experience. Not only are you agitating everyone in your row, you’re bound to miss an integral part of the plot — and at $60 a pop or whatever the severely inflated cost of a ticket is these days, this is not a risk for the faint of heart. But thanks to the Run Pee app, you can align your pee break with a lull in the film. The app tells you how much time you have to empty your bladder, and even what snooze fest plot point you missed while you were answering the call of nature.

The Sonar app asks, “Ever walk into a room and wonder if you have anything in common with anyone there?” It scans your surrounding area for people who have ‘checked in’ who also share your Twitter and Facebook ‘interests’ (friends). Accounts that have mutual friends and follows will show up for your parsing, at which point you can use their Twitter and Facebook feeds to inspire innocent or insidious icebreakers. For example: You walk into a bar and spot someone on Sonar. You both follow Mindy Kaling. You check out her Twitter account — last night she mentioned going to a party with “Samantha.” You approach her. “Err, hey, did I see you last night? You were at that party with Samantha?” And presto — your stalking provides an instant in. No longer do you need to waste time forging an authentic bond with the girl on the barstool next to you. Lucky her!


Perhaps the most useful app on this list, iVoodoo allows you to upload a photo of whoever you’re hating on at the moment and stab them with pins. I’ve never paid for an app before, but this one is totally worth $2.99. Good ol’ fashioned fun for your everyday sociopath — count me in.
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