The 2% who Succeed

The overwhelming majority(绝大多数) of people never recognize the difference between wishing and believing. They never take six steps that will help them use their minds to attain their desires. These steps are summarized below, along with my observations, based on a lifetime of study, of the percentage of people  who attain each one.

Most people go through life merely wishing for thins. These wishes are as fleeting as the wind. They have no power to shape anything. The number of people who stop here: 70 percent.

A much smaller percentage develop their wihes into desires. They want the same thing constantly, but that is the end of their commitement. They represent 10 percent.

A still smaller percentage develop their wishes and desired into hopes. They dare to imagine, from time to time, that they might get what they seek. I estimate they constitute 8 percent.

An even smaller group translates that hope into belief. They expect what they want will actually happen. These people number 6 percent.

A smaller group of people crystallize(使结晶,明确) their wishes, desires, and hopes into belief, then into a burning desire, and finally into faith.The constitute 4 percent.

Finally, a very few people take the last two steps and then make a plan to get what they want and carry it out. They apply their faith with positive mental attitudes. This group is only 2 percent.

The outstanding leaders in every walk of life are the people in the sixth group. They recognize the power of their own minds; they seize that power and direct it toward what ever they choose. When you take this step, the word “impossible” will have no meaning for you. Everything will be possible for you, and you will manage to get it.

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