Organize Your Life with Pinterest Instructions

When I first started “pinning” photos on my Pinterest boards, it was a way to save a pretty picture and — I’ll be really honest — procrastinate. Then I started looking around the site, checking out other boards,  and I realized it’s a virtual file cabinet! You can create a board on any topic you can think of and save all your information paperless-ly (the trees are happy!). You can organize almost every aspect of your life! For the first time ever, it’s fun to be organized! Who knew?!

Let me explain … I love collecting recipes: I may not use them all, but it’s always nice to have ones on hand that make my mouth water. I used to keep a pile of mags, but the recipe mag pile became a tottering tower and I tossed it out. Then I came up with the bright idea of putting them in a special folder in my Internet bookmarks toolbar.  Problem was, when I finally had the chance to try the Chesapeake Chicken recipe I was saving, I couldn’t find it! After a while, I gave up and searched for it online. Of course this took more time and by the time I found it, I was totally frustrated and didn’t even feel like cooking anymore.

I was moaning about this issue to a friend of mine, and she told me that she no longer keeps any paper recipes in the house; she “pins” them on her recipe pinboard instead. I was astounded! Everything I ever needed in one easy-to-spot place? Yes, please!

If you’ve never pinned, let me explain: When you “pin” a picture on a pinboard, you’re actually creating a link directly to the recipe via the photo! Now, when I’m having friends over for dinner, instead wasting time hunting in a cookbook or bookmark, I go to my recipe pinboard and within seconds I’ve found my Honey-Lime Glazed Chicken Thighs recipe!

It’s really that simple.

You can use Pinterest for all aspects of your life — not just for inspiration, but to collect links to how-tos and directions…

I’ve wandered around Pinterest and have seen many a bride organize everything from wedding favors and cake ideas to décor, hairstyles and beyond.

Instead of buying a zillion home décor magazines, ripping out the pages, making a folder for the ideas and photos, then promptly misplacing the folder, you can pin it! The above photo that I pinned to my “Decor I Love” board  takes you directly to a tutorial on how to make shades without sewing.

How do you get other people’s tips? There are two ways: One, you follow them. Once you start following them, you see what they pin and you can re-pin it onto your own board. Two, you can search on Pinterest either by board or topic.

I started with just one pinboard. I now have 18 boards. They range from boards about plants I may be interested in buying for my home to laundry tips. This one above I   found from aswegrow. Did you know can use vinegar instead of bleach to whiten laundry and that unlike bleach, vinegar won’t damage your clothing?

You can even create a pinboard devoted to manicures. When you’re going to the salon, you can whip out your smartphone and show them the photo of how you want your nails done! No more trying to explain what it looks like or trying to describe a shade of blue — it’s right there! This image above from pinterest user april_hussar  links  to an article filled with tips, tricks, trend, and nailpolishes for summer.

I’ve seen boards created by crafters—knitters, crocheters and the like, pin the photo that goes with a pattern and they have a whole year’s worth (or more) of projects they can work on.

You can pin from your smartphone as well as from your computer, so you’re never far away from a cool idea.

Convinced? Here are my top tips on getting started on Pinterest:

1. Click on the ‘Request an Invite” tab at In a day (or maybe less) you’ll get an email from them letting you know you’re now a pinner. Don’t worry, they don’t bite. They say yes to everyone except spammers.

2. Set up your account. Pinterest offers a few pre-named boards like “fashion” and  “home” –  you can rename them or create your own. Some people on Pinterest have over 47 boards, but I recommend starting small and jsut getting used to the site, seeing how other people use it.

3. How to pin? This is easy. After you join Pinterest, you can download their “Pin It” app and it sits on your toolbar. When you’re on a site and you see something you want to save, click on the “Pin It’ button! You save it and you’re done –  the photo that will appear on your pinboard and that in turn will take you directly to the recipe, shoe, hot guy or whatever it was you’ve pinned.

4. How to find tips and inspiration? Wander around the site and look at what people are pinning. If you like what they’re showing you, follow them. When you follow people, you see what they’re pinning and you can “like” a pin or re-pin it to your own board. That’s how I got the curtain and cleaning tips and a ton of recipes.

5. If you’re like me, you get a ton of emails from magazines and websites. If there are recipes, decorating, technology, dating or vacation tips in the newsletters, instead of saving the email (and clogging up your inbox), pin the information. Go to the article then pin it in the appropriate board.

Since I started pinning, my paper pile is almost non-existent, making it easier for me to clean the house and find my dog.

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