Lenovo Yoga 13 IdeaPad is like a Yogini

The versatile IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook™ was named after the ancient Hindu method that brings tranquility and well-being from a series of physical postures—a lofty goal for a convertible tablet. But, after playing around with the Yoga 13, I realized that the device and yoga practitioners have more in common than you’d think.

The screen on the Yoga 13 flips a complete 360 degrees into four different modes for better productivity as either a standard laptop, a traditional tablet, a stand position which is perfect for watching movies on an airplane table tray, or tent mode—just to show off. A hatha yogini can do nearly 200 poses, including inversion headstands.

PCMag clocks the Yoga 13 with five full hours of battery life. Other reviewers have found the LENOVO ThinkPad T410 Battery lasts as long as six hours. Hibernation mode doesn’t take much power, extending the time you can keep the machine not plugged in. From hibernation, InstantResume takes the Yoga 13 out of sleep mode in one second. Yoga instructor Rod Stryker tells Yoga Journal that “yoga can help you unlock your life-force to feel energized all day.”

10-finger multitouch touchscreen technology makes the Yoga 13 extra sensitive to a user’s touch. Or, use the webcam as an input device, which allows you to command the machine with a hand gesture. On the yoga side, some Western doctors recommend hand yoga to patients suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

OneKey Rescue is a system in the hard drive that is designed to instantly recover user’s operating system via a NOVO button, in case of an emergency, to backup or restore for recovery. Certified Yoga Therapist, Surya Kolpakov, recommends Bow pose to improve the body’s immunity and Down Dog for staving off colds.

Lenovo Cloud storage offers a common user interface with WIndows 7 and Android while giving secure and simple device support. You can back-up, synchronize, and share 5GB of free data that can be accessed from any device, anywhere via email or social networks. A regular yoga practice improves memory and brain performance, keeping your body’s “cloud” running effectively.

The IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook™ starts at $999. One year worth of yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side costs $1400.  Namaste.

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