iPad 3的各种流言蜚语


Everyone’s waiting for the iPad 3 to be officially announced, and the rumors are flying like crazy.
每个人都在翘首企盼iPad 3的发布,流言也已甚嚣尘上。
We’re expecting a much nicer screen, a killer processor, and a more powerful battery.
But the rumors barely end there.
In order to keep you up to speed, here’s everything we know about the upcoming device.
以下是对iPad 3功能外观的所有猜想。


Retina display


The next iPad will reportedly have a much higher-quality display. We’ve even read that it could be in full HD.


Likelihood: high. One could even argue that retina display is overdue.


Quad-core processor
Apple gave us a nice improvement in processor speed from iPad 1 to iPad 2 and the rumors are that we can expect a considerable bump with a quad-core iPad 3 processor.
iPad 2的处理器与iPad 1相比有不小的进步,传言说iPad 3将更进一步,配置四核处理器。
Likelihood: high.



We’ve seen reports that the next iPad battery will pack some firepower with more than twice the milliamp-hours of the iPad 2 battery. This could be simply what’s required to power a device (Dell inspiron 1501 laptop battery) with a better screen and faster processor.


Likelihood: high.

Thicker than the iPad 2
比iPad 2更厚


If the iPad 3 comes with all these previously discussed improvements, it’ll require a little more breathing room that will make it thicker than the iPad 2. That’s not saying too much, however, because the iPad 2 is fantastically thin.
如果前面提到的这些改进都能在iPad 3得以实现,那么它可能会在厚度上做出一点牺牲。因为iPad 2实在是非常轻薄。


Likelihood: high.

Cheaper iPad 2
iPad 2价格跳水


The speculation is that Apple will seriously knock down the price of the iPad 2 when it introduces the iPad 3. We’ve seen the company do similar things before with the iPhone. When the 3GS came out, the 3G became much cheaper. When the iPhone 4 came out, the 3GS saw a discount.
人们猜想iPad 3发售时,iPad 2价格会大幅下调。这是苹果公司的一贯做法,iPhone 3GS推出时,iPhone 3G价格下调。iPhone 4上市销售,3GS也会降价销售。


Likelihood: high.

Coming in February
在二月份发布iPad 3


We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about the iPad 3 release date, but the most fitting one is that it will come out on February 24, Steve Jobs’ birthday.
关于iPad 3何时发布的流言有很多版本,其中最可信的一种,iPad 3将于2月24日乔布斯生日那天发布。

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Likelihood: medium.


A mini iPad


There’s been lots of talk that Apple will introduce a smaller model of iPad. While that may happen at another time, we don’t see it happening for the iPad 3 launch at all.
有传言说苹果公司会推出小尺寸的iPad产品。也许吧,但那都是以后的事情,即将发布的iPad 3不会是这样。


Likelihood: low.

4G LTE support
支持4G LTE(第四代移动通讯标准)


As LTE becomes more and more readily available for speedy mobile web browsing, it makes sense for future 3G iPads to support it. We could see Apple introducing multiple models to support this — one for standard 3G, one for the much zippier LTE.
LTE愈加成熟,可以实现更快速的移动网络浏览,未来3G版本的iPad应该会支持这一标准。我们猜想苹果公司可能会推出2种模式的产品 ——一种支持标准3G,一种支持更先进的LTE。


Likelihood: medium.

2 new models


Tom’s Guide indicates that there will be 2 models of iPad 3 introduced at launch time. The only supposed difference between them will be the cameras — one shoots 5 megapixel photos while the other shoots at 8 megapixels.
科技网站Tom’s Guide称iPad 3发布时会同时推出2款机型,两者唯一的区别在于摄像头:一款是500万像素,另一款是800万像素。


Likelihood: hard to say — we suspect there would have to be a few more differences between the two devices other than the cameras to merit making them. Until we know what those differences are, we’re unsure.
可能性:很难说。如果真要同时推出两款iPad 3,它们之间的差别应该不只是摄像头。在弄清楚之前,我们持怀疑态度。
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