How To Use Your Ultrabook to Stay Creative

Whether you’re a full-time artist, photographer, designer or a person who just likes to stay creative, now more than ever you have magnificent, modern day tools like the sleek Sony Vaio Duo Ultrabook to help you in everyday life. Not only is the Duo 13 beautifully designed, but the versatile device packs a one-two punch as it seamlessly changes from a touchscreen tablet to a full HD laptop. The Duo 13 comes with a digitizer stylus that lets you write or draw to your heart’s content, and the pen is so responsive that it allows you to adjust line weight and brush size just by pressing harder or softer. Touch sensors turn off the pen when it’s near the screen so you can write comfortably, resting your hand on the device. Today, we’ll show you six great ways you can use this Ultrabook, and all its great features, to take on a variety of creative projects.

1. Brainstorm Ideas using OneNote and the Digitizer Stylus

Every important invention started with an idea and that’s why it’s so important to write everything down. With a large 13.3-inch screen and a digitizer pen it’s now easier than ever to brainstorm or jot down your next big idea. College students, entrepreneurs, business owners, and graphic designers can all benefit from using the stylus with OneNote, Microsoft’s program that acts like a digital notebook by letting you capture, store and share information. If you’re working on a project with multiple people, you can easily collaborate or, if you’d like to share your important notes from a meeting, OneNote makes that a snap, as well.

2. Create Art Using ArtRage Studio Pro

Pre-loaded on the Sony Vaio Duo 13 are many exciting apps including ArtRage Studio Pro. New to digital painting? For beginners, ArtRage has a Tracing Image system where you can import a photo as a guide for your painting. Traditional artists will find ArtRage’s software intuitive and easy to use as it lets you lay down blobs of color and blend them with a palette knife, much like you would if you were actually painting. The program even lets you pin a reference image onto your canvas while you work. Finally, digital artists will enjoy this program immensely as they’re able to add natural paint to their images, like oils and watercolors, while still working with familiar digital tools like layers and blend modes. All in all, it’s powerful digital painting software that lets you create natural looking art on your computer.

3. Make a Movie Using VAIO Movie Creator

What better way to assemble all the photos and short videos you’ve taken of your friends and your family than by making a quick movie with them? VAIO Movie Creator comes with 45 design themes and music so you can enhance your short films. It also lets you easily add transitions and effects so your home movies look like professional productions. When you’ve finished your project and you’re ready to share it, you can upload your creation to Facebook, YouTube or a number of other social networking sites in a snap.

4. Clip Images for Your Inspiration Board with Active Clip

Putting together an inspiration board for your next design project? Active Clip lets you cut out any image that you see on the web. Using the digitizer pen, you just have to trace or draw a freehand outline around the image and the intelligent edge detection will let you crop it. You can save your image to any of your desired programs like clipboard or Note Anytime where you can then write notes on it, save it or send it to a colleague or friend.

5. Shoot Travel Photos and Share Them Quickly

As a photographer, when you need to pick up and go there’s nothing like a light, compact device to handle both your creative and professional needs. Both professional and amateur photographers will love how portable and light this Ultrabook is. The Duo 13 weighs a mere 2.2 pounds but it has everything you need to take pictures and then share them with your fans. The display is incredibly clear, providing true shades of colors that are brilliantly natural.

6. Snap a Picture of a Document, Then Write Over It

One of the final features we wanted to highlight is called CamScanner. The VAIO Duo 13 is your own portable scanner. Using the 8M pixel rear camera, you can take a picture of any document, photo or whiteboard note and then convert it to a digital format for writing on or sharing. Keystone correction automatically straightens the document or picture for you. This comes in particularly handy if you’re working on a team project and need to quickly save it for working on later.

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