Great ideas for an Inspiring Home Office

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Your home office should be the most inspiring room in your house. It is the adult’s playroom, a creative think tank and a place of productivity that makes work feel less like an obligation and more like “fun” time. With a few smart investments, your home office can do the same. These seven items can turn a stuffy home office into a creative playground, where inspiration and productivity come naturally.

IdeaPaint – Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint


The accent wall in your home office can also be a creative canvas. With IdeaPaint, you can turn any flat, paintable surface into a dry erase board. You can customize your color at the paint store or apply it as is to your wall. Then the surface of your choice becomes a massive dry erase board, ready to receive your notes, calculations and drawings. Done with your doodles? Just erase with a standard cloth eraser and your uncluttered canvas is back.

Crate & Barrel Strut 70-inch Work Table

Crate and Barrel Strut 70 Work Table

A home office is only as good as its work surface, so it’s wise to make the right investment in a desk or table that suits you. If you’re like me, you’ve got multiple monitors, a tablet device, speakers, a keyboard, a mouse and a camera taking up desk real estate. A bit of extra space for books, paperwork or otherwise is always important too. The Crate & Barrel Strut 70-inch Work Table is a prime option, given the spacious surface on top and the stylish base below. It’ll hold plenty of gadgets and other components and look great doing it.

HP SpectreXT Touchsmart Ultrabook


Creative freedom is an important value for any home office, and the ability to take your work elsewhere is a necessary kind of freedom. An Ultrabook like the HP SpectreXT Touchsmart Ultrabook provides desktop-class HP hstnn-db42 battery power and the option to take your show on the road. A home office should be a privilege, not a prison, so it’s important to be able to get-up-and-go when things start to get stale. In this case, having a multi-touch display, Intel Core i7 processing and solid state storage just makes the whole experience that much more fluid and productive.

Starry Light Pendant Lamps by Anagraphic

Starrylights Lamp

It’s rare that a lamp can provide inspiration, but this is a very special kind of lamp. The Starry Light Pendant Lamp by Anagraphic features a perforated shade that projects a map of constellations on your ceiling and upper walls. Flip a switch, and the night sky is projected throughout your home office in a way that creates a mystical environment. It’s a great tool for brainstorming, relaxation and personal peace, as well as a design item that improves the look of your home office.

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

Herman Miller Chair

You’ve likely heard of the famous “sitting on air” Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. The SAYL Chair takes the comfort technology of the Aeron Chair but gives it a progressive new look. This chair is the product of design superstar Yves Behar, who turned a utilitarian office object into museum-worthy piece of furniture. It’s comfortable, contemporary and cool, a great mix for making your home office more inspiring.

WindowFarms Indoor Garden

Window Farm

Every inspiring room needs some greenery, but this idea goes the extra mile. The WindowFarms indoor garden is designed to grow herbs and small vegetables from available light in your window space. It uses hydroponic technology to grow plants quickly and abundantly without soil, needing only a bit of water, nutrients and a power source. It is a joy to watch these plants grow just a few feet away from your desk, a fun and inspiring distraction when you need it.

OfficePOD Prefab Office Space


Not every home has the space for a home office, but that shouldn’t necessarily stop you. If you have space in your back yard or patio, you could try the OfficePOD prefab office. It’s a stylish, site-assembled unit that has plenty of space for a home office. Simply set it up, wire it to your power and Internet and you’re ready to go. It can be a pretty costly option, but few home offices look as attractive as this one, and at the end of the day, you can leave your work behind when you lock it up for the night.

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