Fun gadgets for your summer journey

It is officially summer here in Southern California and I am ready to get outside!  From camping and hiking, to beach picnics and barbecues, I can’t get enough vitamin D in my system.  And along with the outdoor activities, summer brings with it some fun gadgets.


Whether it is water-resistant, solar powered or just a useful item to keep you cool during the summer heat, there really is some fun technology to enjoy during the summer months.  I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite below, and even throw in a few apps that may be of use to you this summer.

summertech1.jpgIf you are hitting the road or just staying active outdoors this summer, check out some of these great items.
1. bike ipad case, $180
2. camera, $89
3. solar charger, $79.99
4. waterproof ipod case and speakers, $41
5. jambox, $199.99

If your planning some great barbecues and parties, these summer gadgets are a must.
1. Terra Cotta Oven, $1,900
2. wine chiller, $49.95
3. lantern, $40
4. fan, $329
5. candle, $89.95
These apps will have you hiking, hitting the beach and staying protected all summer long.


Beach Finder App, $.99

With more than 5,300 hundred beach locations in North America to choose from, this app will get you to the beach this summer no matter where you are!  It even helps you choose the best ones with the user-generated rating system.


Oh Ranger! Park Finder App, Free

Not only does it help you find a park anywhere in the US, it also helps you find recreational areas based on the activity you want to do.  Looking to do some bird watching or go caving, Oh Ranger! can help you do it!
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