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Next time you are caught surfing the Internet in the office do not apologise – it is actually making you a better worker. Browsing the web can refresh employees and make them the more productive, a study has found. Those who surfed the Internet as a break from their duties came back better prepared than people who made a phone call or texted their loves ones.

这个消息老板听了也许会不大高兴,因为下一会您在工作时间休息间隔时间上上网浏览网页、查看八卦信息、和朋友网聊什么的就再也不用道歉了,研究 显示,上班休息时间做一些“与工作无关”的事情,比如浏览网页什么的,确实可以愉悦心情、使得工作效率大大提高。此外,经过研究得出结论,在工作间隔休息 时间用“浏览网页”消磨时间的员工,比那些用“打电话”“和女朋友”发短信来消磨时间的员工返工时工作效率要高得多。

The researchers concluded that looking at the Web could serve an ‘important restorative function’ for those stuck at a computer all day.


Dr Lim added that when surfing the Web people ‘usually choose to visit only the sites that they like- it’s like going for a coffee or snack break. ‘Breaks of such nature are pleasurable, rejuvenating the Web surfer’. Nobody can control what they receive in an email so it is ‘cognitively more demanding, relative to Web surfing, as you need to pay attention to what is said on the email,’ she said.

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专家Dr Lim分析:“上班休息间隔时间浏览网页确实能提高工作效率,对于那些用电脑工作的人来说,工作时间不能看自己希望的网站是特别痛苦的时间,所以,休息时 间能对自己的电脑‘为所欲为’就是相当令人愉悦的事情了!就那收邮件来说,没有人能决定邮件的内容,收邮件的过程相当于一个被动的接受过程,比较痛苦。然 而,凭借自己的喜好浏览网页,就相当于只关注邮件的内容,并且是自己喜欢邮件的内容。那有谁会因此而不高兴呢?”

A growing number of studies have suggest the opposite of what the research says – that browsing the web is ‘rewiring’ our brains to make us less productive. Amongst the leading critics is American technologist Nicholas Carr who has written a provocative article in The Atlantic magazine entitled: ‘Is Google Making us Stupid?’

尽管如此,还是有相当一部分人提出了浏览网页的弊端,他们认为浏览网页重写了我们大脑的接受方法。批评家 Nicholas Carr 还以一篇名为《谷歌正在让我们变弱智》的论文抨击浏览网页这种习惯。 (国际在线独家译稿)

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How to Use Subconscious to Change Your Life

By Karl Staib

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison

Your subconscious loves to do work while your body performs other tasks that are easy. I can prove this very easily by asking you how many good ideas you have had while driving or in the shower. When you are relaxed yet slightly distracted, your mind is often at its best.

Using subconscious requests will…

You’ll see improvement in less than a month.

My last request was…

“Please give me more patience when commuting to work and allow me to even enjoy my time in the car.”

Within a month I was enjoying my ride to work.

My latest request is…

“Let’s find creative ways to grow my blog.”

I took this approach because it’s going to take a request to my subconscious and action in my waking life to make this happen. This request is only a few days old, but it’s already working. Instead of just asking people to help vote for my blog on social sites that rate articles such as Stumble Upon and Digg, I’ve change my communication. I now friend someone, give a compliment (only if they are worthy) and tell them that they ever need any help to shoot me a message. They are much more willing to help me out.


My mindset is changing by setting my subconscious on a certain issue.  I start to see new angles that I’ve never seen before. This subconscious request works for personal issues as well as work related concerns.

The 3 step request only takes five minutes:

Step 1: Before you turn out the light, close your eyes and take one minute to make a request to your subconscious. It can be anything. I would start small and make it open ended. I wouldn’t request to be an astronaut by the end of the month. Your subconscious is good, but not that good.

Step 2: Take two minutes to visualize yourself actually able to do this thing. Whether it is getting the motivation to jog before work or eating a healthy snack, you must visualize yourself doing the request that you asked your subconscious. Let’s say you want to jog before work: imagine yourself getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, putting on your exercise clothes and jogging shoes, and heading out into the crisp air. Then you start jogging, watching the sun rise over the buildings, the birds chirping, and you are feeling good.

Step 3: Take two minutes to imagine the feeling that will occur when you are able to accomplish this new thing. How do you feel when you walk back in your front door after a morning jog? Energized? Whatever feeling you want to achieves imagine that you have already created this emotion inside of yourself. Let it sink in, then go to sleep and let your subconscious do the rest of the work.

Your subconscious mind wants to help you improve your life; you just have to trust its vast resources and allow it to do its thing.

Action Makes Your Request Real

You may not want to go jogging after the first subconscious request, but try to visualize yourself going through the motions the first couple of weeks. Then just start putting on your exercise gear and go for a five minute walk. Taking these baby steps will set you up for your jogging routine. Then after a few weeks just go for it. Now that you have your emotions geared toward jogging it should spur you into action.

By allowing the emotional momentum to build, you can create motivation that will help you accomplish things that make you happier.

Do you have a motivational tip to share? Have you ever tried making a subconscious requests before bed? We would love to hear it. Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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Top 4 Ways To Have A Lot of Momentum In Your Life

Having a lot of momentum and energy every day is really important for you in order for you to succeed in every area of your life. In the past, I never had any focus in my life and didn’t have the momentum and drive to perform at my level best. However, I soon realized that there are certain things that everyone must know in order to have the great “superstar” feeling every day.  Below I have listed 4 ways you can gain momentum in your life right away.

1. Get outside of your comfort zone everyday

Getting outside of your comfort zone is very important if you want to grow as a person. I am in Sales and I make a lot of cold calls and walk into new businesses everyday to introduce Direct Marketing products. I make a habit of getting outside of my comfort zone every day by meeting new people. You will realize that when you do the things that you are afraid of doing, you will gain more momentum in your life; you will feel like you have more energy because you are facing your fears every day. The reason most of us have a hard time doing what we fear is because our ego gets in the way and we start overanalyzing everything. Next time your heart starts beating when you want to face your fear, be really alert and aware of how you are feeling at the moment and redirect all your energy from your mind to your body so you can feel more at ease. Learn how to be the “watcher of all your thoughts” instead of being caught up in them.

2. Have clarity in your life

When you are clear about what you want in your life and are congruent with all your goals, you will start attracting the things you want in your life. Your mind will not wander in different directions. You will also feel like waking up early everyday and have a lot of energy because you will know exactly what you want to accomplish that day for you to get closer to your goal. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. Many people feel dissatisfied and have a hard time finding their passion because they are not aware of what excites them the most. They start living what other people tell them to live and they later get burnt out. Make a habit of spending time with yourself and thinking about what excites you the most. If you spend some time focusing on understanding yourself and what you really want out of your life, your creative side will start working and you will find ways to live up to your passion.

3. Make sure you are living your life purpose

When you are living your purpose you will feel happier and fulfilled. You also won’t get conflicting thoughts within you. You will know when you are living your life purpose when all the activities that you perform seem effortless. You won’t feel like performing a specific task because you feel like you have to but because you love it and are so immersed in it. My main purpose in life is to help others, whether it is through blogging, speaking, or my sales job. If I am not living my purpose fully, I can feel that there is something wrong and I won’t be in the zone.

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4. Stop spending time on tasks that don’t get you ahead

Many people have a habit of doing things that don’t get them closer to their most important goal. Sometimes I have a habit of responding to personal emails during the day and procrastinate on sending the important client emails. Then I end up staying up late at night to do the important emails and barely get any sleep.  You will notice that when you are focusing on the most important tasks during the majority of your day, you will have more energy to do other stuff towards the end of the day also. Your self-confidence will naturally rise also.

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Make learning an everyday habit

I was on a business website the other day and I was browsing some articles. I read this interesting article on business negotiation skills and it was so interesting. The article talked about the importance of relationship building in business and sales. The author described the importance of how crucial it is to build rapport & trust and show empathy when you the sales person or entrepreneur meet with your client. Now when I first came across this article I told myself “why should I read this article it’s not going to do me any good”. But I actually decided to read it anyways. After I was done reading the article I sat their still and was thinking “WOW this was a great”. You know why it was great? Because I got an idea of the importance of building long term relationships with clients  so that they feel comfortable around you.

Now think about this for a moment. Do you know that if you understand the importance of relationship building in business not only will you succeed in that field but you will also be able to use this skill in other areas whether it is with friends, family, or someone of the opposite sex. Bottom line is that this article taught me that for someone to build trust with you, you have to demonstrate value and show the person who you really are. Relationship building is useful not only in the business world but also when you are trying to meet new people.

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I named this blog, “Make learning a habit” because I think that you can use what you learned about a specific topic or field and use it in other areas in life. Knowledge builds on other areas of  your life. Be curious and don’t hesitate to pick up that book you see in the bookstore because you think that it might take a while to read. Also learn from talking to all kinds of people because you can learn something great that you will be able to use.. There is no limit to knowledge but you will limit yourself if you don’t take the time for learning something new everyday.



作者:Nabil Gulamani

不久 前的一天,我浏览一个商业网站,阅读上面的一些文章。读到一篇有趣的关于商业谈判技巧的文章,它写的真是太有趣了。这篇文章写在商业和销售中人际创建的重 要性。作者描述了建立和谐信任的关系,和在你作为一个销售员或者是一个企业家接见你的客户时惺惺相惜是多么的重要。当我第一次读这篇文章的时候,我默默地 问我自己“为什么我要读这篇于我来说好像没有任何好处的文章呢”但是不管怎么说我下决心要读它,当我读完整篇文章之后,我静静地坐下来想:“哇!真是太棒 了”你能猜到为什么说它太棒了吗?因为我意识到和客户建立长期关系的重要性,这样他们会感觉在你身边很舒服。

现 在认真地想一会儿,你知道如果你理解了在商业中人际构建的重要性,那么你不仅会在商业领域获得成功,还能运用这项技术在其它领域与他人比如你的朋友,家人 或者异性建立良好的关系,这篇文章重要的一点是让我明白如果要别人信任你,你必须证明你自己的价值和你究竟是什么样的人。人际构建不仅在商业世界中大有用 处而且会让在尝试结交新朋友时游刃有余。

我 把这篇博客命名为“让学习成为每天的习惯”因为我认为你可以用你在某个主题或者领域中学到的东西运用于生活中的其它领域之中。知识贯穿于生活中的各个领 域。时刻保持好奇心,从来不要因为你觉着可能要花点儿时间去读书而在书橱上的书前踟蹰,此外通过同各种各样的人交谈中学习,因为你真的可以学到一些你可以 用到的知识。知识没有界限,但如果你每天不花些时间学习新东西,你,将会束缚你自己。

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First Step Toward Personal Change

By Angela Irvin

How is life defined? Is it the process of breathing? Or, is it the state of consciousness?

Of course, it’s both of those things. However, if today was our last day on earth and we were asked to describe our lives in retrospect, we would not define it as such.

Instead, we would reference our lives from a collection of memories. Therefore, even more so than the act of breathing or consciousness, our lives are defined by thoughts, perceptions, and recollections of our experiences.

The goal of personal development is to develop our potential. Ultimately, it is an endeavor to enhance the overall quality of our lives. Therefore, if the story of our lives is comprised of recollected experiences, then the most direct way to improve our lives is to improve our experiences.

Improvement requires change, and change requires work. But with a change of such magnitude, we are challenged with knowing where to start.

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Tabula Rasa

In epistemology, the philosophical study of knowledge, Tabula Rasa is a theory that embraces the idea that knowledge comes from experience and perception. From Latin to English, Tabula Rasa translates as “blank slate,” and refers to the practice of writing on a slate sheet with chalk. So, as the theory goes, we start out with a blank slate and as we experience life, the slate becomes filled.

As is true with any task, work is made easier when we have the right tools. The task of self-improvement is no different.

For personal change, the most important tool we can have will not be found in an expensive set of books or videos. In fact, it won’t actually cost anything. This important tool is . . . the tabula rasa.

In other words, the first step toward change is to mentally give ourselves a blank slate.


It is difficult to rewrite our lives with a mind filled with clutter from the past. Imagine trying to add water to a cup that is already full. Therefore, envisioning a blank slate accomplishes 3 important things:

  1. It mentally represents a fresh start.
  2. It limits our focus to the present.
  3. It compels us to mindfully design our lives.

The Necessary Backdrop

For the benefit of example, I will use my experience as an illustration.

When I was going through my divorce, I was very slow in moving past it. My inability to accept the abrupt change halted my development. For quite a while, I was stuck – not moving in any direction at all.

Internally, I was struggling with an extreme sense of loss, and was mired in regret for plans that would go unrealized. The primary thing that was holding me back was my continued focus on what was never going to be, like the pages of a book that had been erased.

However, I eventually had a shift in focus – a shift from a negative frame of loss to a positive frame of growth and opportunity. Instead of focusing on the pages that had been erased, I began to see my situation more as a clean slate on which I could write or draw anything I wished.

It was at that point that I stopped mourning the old plans, and started making new ones.

Yes, I used a reframing technique to shift from a negative frame to a positive one. However, it was not possible until I accepted the idea of a blank slate.

So, as illustrated above, a blank slate provides the necessary backdrop on which to layer other personal development techniques. Freeing ourselves from mental clutter creates a cleared space for new perspectives.

A blank slate is not only a design instrument; it also records our experiences, which ultimately become the threads of our recollections. Therefore, it can spark an internal enthusiasm to fill the slate with truly enriching experiences. Without mindless clutter from the past, we have an opportunity to move forward mindfully and intentionally – which, in itself, is very empowering.

Creating a New Landscape

The purpose of personal development is to enhance the experience of living. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to look back at any given time and see a rich landscape, artfully layered with the colors of enriching experiences.

The good news is that it is an endeavor that can be started today. Then, like a painter, we can add the colors we wish, one by one, to design a more meaningful life.

But it all starts with an empty canvas – a blank slate – the tabula rasa.

Author bio:

Angela Irvin is motivational blogger with a background in psychology and philosophy. Her writings stress the themes of thought-awareness, personal development, and purposeful living. She holds a degree in Health Administration and is currently pursuing an additional degree in Clinical Psychology. You can read more of her articles at her blog Chrysalides, or in the Happiness Community on Wellsphere.com.

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养成良好的健康习惯可提升你的免疫力,助你轻松对抗寒冷和预防流感,keep shape!


最近的研究发现,一些最有助于建立健康免疫系统的方法并不是以前的那些应急措施,正如加拿大温尼伯地区卫生局健康医药师皮瑞·普罗德(Pierre Plourde)博士所言:“预防措施必须是一个长期的过程。”


乐 观的心态也许能预防感冒。美国卡耐基·梅隆大学心理学教授谢尔登·科恩(Sheldon Cohen)说:“当身处流感环境时,越乐观的人越不容易被传染。”在他的研究中,那些自称悲观、沮丧和心绪不宁的人,比那些心态积极乐观的人患感冒的几 率大约要高上三倍。科恩解释说,情绪乐观的人的体内能制造出足够的细胞因子(一种蛋白质),以激发体内的其他免疫细胞来对抗病毒。


《美 国医学杂志》最近的一项研究表明,三天打鱼两天晒网的锻炼方式可能会使你更容易患上感冒。华盛顿西雅图弗雷德-哈钦森癌症研究中心的科学家们以115名女 性作为比对样本,来研究她们得感冒的几率,其中一些人坚持每周五天、每天45分钟的锻炼,而另一些人则只是每周做一次45分钟的伸展运动。在一年之内,后 者比前者得感冒的次数几乎要高出四倍。该研究项目的高级研究员科妮莉亚·乌尔里奇(Cornelia Ulrich)说:“我们相信在每次(有规律的)锻炼中,人体免疫细胞的数量都会暂时增加。”


就 在你用手擦眼睛、鼻子或嘴巴的时候,流感病毒可能已趁机钻进了你的身体。皮瑞·普罗德博士说:“在公共卫生史上,洗手可能是最具革命性的措施,对于免疫来 说也是如此,因为洗手可阻止流感扩散。”刊登于2008年《英国医学期刊》上的一篇文章指出,在降低患感冒的风险方面,勤洗手远比服用抗病毒药物要有效得 多,不过洗手也要讲究正确方法:每次洗手要用香皂和温水洗20秒。



美 国加州大学戴维斯分校风湿病、过敏症和临床免疫学主席埃里克·格什温(Eric Gershwin)说:“虽然还不能确定酸奶能预防感冒和流感,但酸奶所含的益生菌可能会有助于建立一个更健康的免疫系统。”益生菌是添加在酸奶这类食物 中的活性微生物补品,在胶囊类营养品中也含有益生菌。

在发表于《英国运动医学杂志》上的一项研究报告表明,服用益生菌营养品的运动员比未服 用的运动员罹患呼吸道疾病的天数要少上一半。加拿大爱德华王子岛大学的家庭和营养学学院教授卡罗莱纳·纳尔逊(Carolanne Nelson)补充道,为了身体健康,人体每天应摄取1-10亿菌落单位(CFUs)的活性微生物。在超市购买食品的时候要看看该产品标注,里面有多少 CFUs。





列 于健康食谱中的螺旋藻(一种蓝绿色藻类)也有助于预防感冒。在2008年5月的一项研究中,德国研究者发现螺旋藻制剂含有锌和粉末状金虎尾(一种富含维生 素C的热带水果),蕴藏着高效的抗炎症和抗氧化功能。目前还需要进一步的测试来确定长期服用螺旋藻制剂是否可加强免疫系统,并降低患感冒和流感的风险。在 服用任何食品类补品之前,要先征询医师的意见。

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体内维生素D含量过低的人比含量正常的人 患呼吸道感染的次数要高1.5倍。与此项结论类似的是,纽约温斯洛普大学附属医院的研究员们对非洲裔美国女性进行调查后得出结论,服用了用于增强骨骼矿物 质密度的维生素D补品(每天2000IU)的人比未服用的人患感冒和流感的次数少了三倍。加拿大卫生署建议年龄在50岁以下的成年人每天要摄入200IU 维生素D,而50岁以上的成年人每天要摄入400IU维生素D。(注:IU 指国际单位)





皮 瑞·普罗德博士表示,尽管每年接种的流感疫苗只有80%产生效果,但这仍是我们目前所能找到的最佳流感预防手段。有些人害怕接种疫苗是因为在每支流感疫苗 针中都含有少量流感菌株,其会加重人体免疫系统的负担。普罗德博士说:“不用担心,你的免疫系统有着惊人的适应性。”普罗德博士表示,由于加拿大每年有多 达八百万人感染流感,造成平均2万人住院治疗和4千人死亡(通常是老年人和幼儿),所以接种流感疫苗的好处远远高于风险。

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How To Improve Your Life Starting Today


Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling(玩杂耍) some five balls in the air. You name them: Work, Family, Health, Friends, Spirit. And you re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back(反弹) . But the other four balls-family, health, friends and spirit are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably(不能取消地) scuffed(磨损) , marked, nicked(割进,刻痕) , damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life.


Don’t undermine(破坏,危害) your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don’t set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Don’t take for granted(认为……理所当然) the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would cling to your life, for without them, life is meaningless.

Don’t let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live ALL the days of your life. Don’t give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is this fragile thread that binds us each together. Don’t be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don’t shut love out of your life by saying it’s impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings. Don’t run through life so fast that you forget not only where you’ve been, but also where you are going.

把生活想象成一个在空中抛接五只球的游戏。这五只球被你分别称为:工作、家庭、健康、友谊和精神。你努力不让它们从空中掉下来。你马上就发现惟有工 作是一个橡皮球。如果你将它掉到地上,它还会弹回来。但其它四只球——家庭、健康、朋友和精神都是玻璃的。如果你把任何一个掉到地上,便会不可挽回地留下 疤痕、裂缝、受损甚至摔得粉碎。它们永远也无法恢复原样。你必须懂得这一点并在生活中努力保持平衡。



不要耽于过去或未来,而让生命从指间悄悄溜走。一次只活一天,活在今日,你就充实地活过生命中的每一天。如果你还可以付出,就不要轻言放弃。在你停 止努力那一刻之前,什么都没有真正结束。正因为我们都不完美,我们才会彼此需要。不要害怕遭遇风险。只有通过冒险,我们才能学会如何变得勇敢。



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How To Improve Your Life Starting Today









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Top 4 Ways to Stretch Instead of Stress

By Alissa Finerman

“A boat is always safe in the harbor, but that’s not what boats were built for.” ~ shared by Katie Couric, the Women’s Conference 2009

If you are in your stress zone all the time, you have to ask yourself what role you have in creating this atmosphere for yourself. Perhaps you are a busy CEO, an entrepreneur, or a parent with three children and no help. All are valid reasons to be stressed, but there are plenty of CEOs and parents who are not stressed all the time.

You can experience stress both from positive and negative events. Some people may get stressed as a result of receiving a promotion at work and having new responsibilities. Others may experience stress when preparing for a dinner party when they have limited free time and their house is a mess. Stress levels can also be affected by external negative events, such as losing your job or health insurance, having a fight with your spouse, or gaining weight. Stress levels become unhealthy when your body and mind are constantly under pressure. Learn to be aware of your stress levels and how much you can handle without detracting from your performance.

Here are four effective strategies to help you spend more time stretching and less time stressing:

1. Schedule Your Priorities Rather Than Prioritize Your Schedule

Many people are tempted to make their schedule and then figure out what’s important. The problem with this approach is the things that are important do not make it on the schedule. If you simply prioritize your schedule, there will be little time for the things that matter. If reading to your child is a top priority, you have to make the time. If working out is important, you need to schedule it in. Top 1%ers schedule their priorities so that important events make it on the calendar. Creating time for priorities is about being proactive.

2. Do It, Dump It, or Delegate It

Your choices are either to do something yourself, dump it and forget about it, or delegate it. Too many people believe that delegating is impossible. The purpose of delegating is to free up time to focus on your priorities. It often involves giving up some control so that you can put your energy to better use elsewhere. You may be used to doing a task and think it is easier and quicker to do it yourself. This is the mindset that keeps you from delegating. Remember to focus on your strengths and empower others by utilizing theirs.

Initially, you may have to invest some time, but in the long run you will free up your mind. Keep in mind that when you delegate, it often helps someone else expand his or her role. Let’s say your house is in disarray and you feel overwhelmed, but need to focus on other projects. Even if you do not have a housekeeper it may be helpful to hire someone for one day to come in and clean your house. This one step will free up hours of your time and reduce your stress.

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3. Say No

Yes, that is correct. You do not have to say yes to everything that comes your way. You can only do something about your stress level if you pinpoint what causes your stress. Think about how stressed you are on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). When you reach a 7 or higher, your self-defense mechanisms need to kick in. This means saying no when you are asked to take on too much or do one more favor. It is okay to take care of YOU INC. first (also see http://www.thechangeblog.com/ways-to-feel-empowered/). There is no better way to thrive. Sometimes the best choice you can make is to use the word no to protect yourself. When you start to prioritize yourself and make changes, some friends will support your new behavior and others will challenge you, so be prepared.

4. Focus on the Present Moment

Children are rarely stressed because they live in the present moment. They do not worry if the playground will be closed or if they will have time to take a bath before dinner. They are present with what they are doing in the moment which keeps their minds focused.

When you are fully engaged in the present moment and focus on one task at a time, your mind is clear. You increase your stress levels when you obsess about something from the past or spend time worrying about the future. You can’t change the past and you do not control the future. Identify the most important priorities and then tackle one at a time. Strive to stay in the present moment, and your anxiety and stress levels will be more manageable. Focus on what you can control such as your thoughts and actions.

Top 1% Bottom Line: Change is constant. Stress is inevitable. The part we control is how we will handle it and if we will spend more time in our stretch zone or stress zone. The stretch zone keeps us moving forward while the stress zone is often overwhelming. Choose where you operate best and build practices to keep you moving forward. Please share your favorite practices so we can all learn and lead a better life.

Author bio:

Alissa is a Professional Life Coach, motivational speaker, and author of “Living in Your Top 1%: Nine Essential Rituals to Achieve Your Ultimate Life Goals” available on Amazon.com. She works with individuals and organizations to help them think bigger, redefine what’s possible, and get results. Alissa has an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. To learn more about coaching with Alissa and to take the Living in Your Top 1% quiz, please visit www.AlissaFinerman.com or www.facebook.com/alissafinermantop1.

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How To Improve Your Life Starting Today

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