Best Gadgets to Power and Organize Your Tech

10 Gadgets to Organize and Power Your TechJanuary has always been that month for me for getting everything organized and in its place.  Call it an annual resolution, but I always like to start the year off in a clutter-free and organized environment.  This year, I wanted to really focus on how to keep all of my tech and gadgets in check.  I have a BIG distaste for wire/cable chaos and I am always misplacing my device chargers.  So in an effort to keep myself (and maybe inspire you too), I’ve rounded up some useful gadgets to help organize and power your Toshiba PA3356U-3BAS Notebook Battery tech.  And you may also want to check out this great post about getting your desk organized for more wonderful ways to keep organized.

I’d love to hear how you keep the technology chaos to a minimum in your own homes. Feel free to share your methods and tools in the comments below.
10 Gadgets to Organize and Power Your Tech - Design*Sponge
1. Converge docking station, $39.99
2. Pivot multi-outlet power plug, $24.99
3. Expandable surge protector, $17.98
4. Desktop cord holder, $9.99
5. Applecore cable organizer, $1.99 – $4.99

10 Gadgets to Organize and Power Your Tech - Design*Sponge
1. Cordlets Cord Controller, $16
2. Circle cable organizer, $9.99
3. Space Bar Keyboard Organizer, $59.99
4. Wood earbud holder, $27
5. Powerpod, $99

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