7 Sites for Men’s Style Inspiration

Having a sense of style is about more than just buying the most expensive brands and matching them up according to how the store’s mannequins are adorned. Luckily there are innumerable fashion blogs and sites for women to share their daily outfits and garner ideas from their fellow fashionistas. However, in this day and age, men are just as eager to make a visual statement as women. Style makes all the difference in giving off the right first impression. Nothing is more socially appealing than a distinguished man, confident in his clothing. Fortunately, today, we bring you the best websites for men to explore aesthetic trends, discover their personal styles, and find inspiration for expressing themselves visually.

1. Hypebeast

Hypebeast is the one-stop source for the latest in anything from fashion and art to gaming and technology. With over 180,000 Facebook likes, it is a favorite among men with an initiative to maintain their level of refined taste and continue to outshine in the style department. The online magazine provides insight on the latest trends to keep on top of as well as a variety of images of men’s fashion on the streets today. Its Streetsnaps section is an excellent guide to seeing how everyday men with a penchant for looking their best dress on a daily basis, from around the world. One could see a bit of themselves in these men and perhaps take a style technique away, too.

2. High Snobiety

High Snobiety offers a style of life that is sought after by the sharp-dressed urban man with a taste for street culture. Established in 2005 by David Fischer, the independently run site was designed to focus on the latest products and goods but has since expanded into a culture of its own. It updates its readers on the opening of trendy stores and release dates for fresh upcoming products. Additionally, High Snobiety shares pop culture content to draw inspiration from like The Airplane Boys’ latest music video featuring some eye-catching wardrobe choices and a cameo by a Back to the Future-style DeLorean with its gull-wings open wide.

3. Slamxhype

Slamxhype is a web magazine founded by Adam Bryce in 2003. Though it looks like a fairly modest website, it provides a hefty load of content each day covering topics on style, art, culture, design, and technology that is applicable to the trendsetting man. It also presents an excellent assortment of accessories — from an embroidered belt to add color to your wardrobe to a tote-like bag with the masculine sturdiness of a canvas body — to draw innovative ideas for building your own distinctive ensemble. The #WIWT section of the site even asks the question “What are you wearing?” to allow readers to share their personal style with one another.

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4. mashKULTURE.net

Since it was founded in 2006, mashKULTURE.net has been offering a carefully curated selection of content that reflects its street style culture. Though the site is based in Budapest, Hungary, it provides insight on styles and trends from around the world. In addition to fashion, the site dispenses its appreciation of skateboarding, music, photography, art, and design through its in-depth articles featuring interviews with the designers and trend makers that affect global style. More than just an aggregator of daily finds, mashKULTURE shares the latest in street culture and reviews products using their very own “mash rating” system out of ten.

5. Freshness Mag

Freshness Mag was established in 2003, serving as a go-to spot for the hottest sneakers on the market. While it provides insight on street fashion trends and must-have gadgets, it shines its brightest light on footwear. The site is so devoted to footwear that sneakers have their very own section packed with information about the sporty yet casual shoes that come in so many varieties. Another great feature of the street culturally conscious site is its Fresh Celebs section, which hones in on celebrity coverage, offering a selection of iconic stars with distinct swag to draw inspiration from. Whether you’re looking to strut with confidence in Jay-Z’s Nike Airs or sail through the streets in an exclusive Mercedes-Benz like Kanye West, celebrities can spark a surge of innovation to help build your refined style.

6. Format

Format is an internet streetwear magazine highly impacted by street art, graffiti, and urban culture. It provides “everyday updates, exclusive contests, and tips tailored to your lifestyle” on top of featuring artists and designers that influence and enhance urban trends. Format offers an original perspective on style and products while reviewing them and sharing their insight on fresh, creative looks. More than just presenting their international discoveries for their readers to pine after, the site provides deals that can’t be beat. Where else can you find a pair of flip flops designed as keyboards for a mere $1.20?

7. Acquire

Acquire is an online guide to the latest in fashion, technology, cars, and gear. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Bernard Antolin provides his readers with plenty of inspiration for the savvy consumer with cash to splurge on making an impression. What that impression is depends on the trend hunter. Styles on this site range from casual skateboarder to dapper gentleman, giving visitors a wide selection of personas to embody. Though there are a variety of style inspirations to choose from, one thing is clear: everything on this site is for men who seek items exuding a sophisticated fashion palette. Even the skateboards exhibited on Acquire have a sleekness about them.

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