10 Inspirational Sites for Eco-Friendly Design

The world is more environmentally aware than it has ever been. There is a large population of people who have opted to live an increasingly greener lifestyle, implementing eco-friendly techniques, designs, and technology into their everyday lives. There has really never been a better time to be conscious of your environment. It has also never been easier to induct earth-friendly habits and lower the impact of your carbon footprint through the architectural and design choices you make in your life. Of course, that shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice style for sustainability. There are several sites out there that can help you lead an energy-efficient lifestyle without abandoning your penchant for great design. So today we bring you ten of the best sites that offer inspiring green designs to help you pick out the latest tech gear, furnish and design your home, and live a refreshing life with the utmost consciousness of your environment.

1. Inhabitat

Founded by LEED-AP green designer Jill Fehrenbacher, Inhabitat is a weblog devoted to sharing the best and most innovative architecture, design, and technology with green initiatives. The New York-based team of writers, editors, and designers provide an extensive daily look at the best contemporary styles within environmentally conscious projects. The site does an excellent job of curating content to draw good design inspiration from and on Inhabitat there is no such thing as good design that doesn’t offer both aesthetic appeal and sustainability.

2. TreeHugger

TreeHugger is a leading source for going green in just about every way possible. Founded by Graham Hill in 2005, TreeHugger was acquired by Discovery Communications in 2007, allowing for an expansion in the site’s reach to the masses. The multifunctional website certainly accommodates for its massive readership with daily blogs on a wide range of eco-centric topics including design, food, culture, fashion, politics, and health. Additionally, the site offers daily and weekly newsletters, as well as radio interviews twice a month.

3. Freshome

Freshome was launched in 2007 by founder Micle Mihai-Cristian in the hopes of creating a web environment that appreciates the inspiring nature of modern design and architecture. With over 6,000 unique articles and counting, the weblog is a leading force in home design, offering a look into different spaces across the world that creatively decorate their surroundings and impressively design their architectural establishments. Freshome’s primary objective is to connect its readers with innovative design that often implements eco-friendly tactics and techniques.

4. Green Living

Green Living is a one-stop resource for educating yourself on the newest and most efficient green trends. The online publication provides blogs and newsletters for readers eager to stay on track with an eco-friendly lifestyle, offering information about natural resources and updating its audience on innovative clean technologies. In addition to tips on efficiency and conservation, Green Living also appeals to a wider audience by covering mainstream topics including fashion, featuring sustainable wear like its “eco-chic” look, which combines stylish aesthetics with healthy production practices.

5. Jetson Green

Jetson Green is a self-proclaimed “design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology.” Founder and Chief Editor Preston Koerner publishes informative and inspiring alternatives to basic home design. Updated daily, the site offers insight on green trends in technology, architectural construction, and energy with a mission to enhance the efficiency of homes through energy-conserving and clean air design implementations. It provides readers with inventive green home ideas being used today that can also be adopted and perhaps further built upon.

6. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an inspiring and motivational blog that provides its readers with great design and organizational tips for the home, making us all believe that there is hope to turn any living space into an oasis. This site is big on keeping the home as fresh and inspirational as possible with a little bit of creativity. You can find great tips for reusing, recycling, and repurposing items as well as reinvigorating furniture with a few coats of paint or other crafty techniques. This and more can be found in both the Green Living and Budget Living sections.

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7. EcoFriend

EcoFriend is a great guide for avid tech consumers looking for tips to leading a greener lifestyle. The site takes a look at the latest technologies while keeping tabs on your personal carbon footprint. EcoFriend offers a myriad of ways to view the content shared on the site with its incredibly helpful list of specific categories from Green Living and Transportation to Architecture and Gadgets. In addition to its blogs about living an environmentally healthier way of life and offering tips on how to go green with style, it has a gallery section for those who are simply visually inspired. You can click through to the article the products are discussed in or just browse through the photos to visually stimulate you.

8. MoCo Loco

MoCo Loco is a frequently updated web magazine filled with creative and refreshing content to draw inspiration from. The site’s primary focus lies within the realm of modern contemporary design, sharing the latest trends and most appealing styles found in architecture and interior design. MoCo Loco has an extensive archive of the freshest furniture with unique flair and, like Inhabitat and Freshome, it also features creatively stimulating eco-friendly architecture. The site offer an appealing look at how green designs can be integrated into one’s own home.


GOOD is a site and magazine that represents a wide community of people that seek to make a change in the world by working hard and doing good. It is, as the publication states, “for people who give a damn.” The site offers daily insight and inspiration for alternative lifestyles that support sustainability in addition to a healthier, prosperous, productive, and creative life. Since its launch in 2006, GOOD has broadened its scope, bringing readers the latest news in all facets of life that affect each of us and those that we have the power to leave a lasting effect on.

10. Dwell

Dwell serves as the stylish answer to good, environmentally-conscious home design. Initially launching it as a magazine in 2000 and later expanding its content to online media, founder Lara Hedberg Deam sought to create a new kind of publishing devoted to architecture and design. In the very first issue, former Editor-in-Chief Karrie Jacobs cited the recurrence of a bowl of fruit in typical design magazines, criticizing the lack of real life reflected in designs. Dwell counters this by introducing interesting and beautiful architecture and design to the forefront while drawing real connections to humans and their environment.

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