10 Best Pinteresters to Follow for Life’s Tips and Tricks

These days, you can’t look at your Facebook feed these or read through a business or tech blog without seeing the word Pinterest pop up on your screen. The social bookmarking site, which allows users to save images and categorize them as different boards, has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest was called one of the “50 Best Websites of 2011″ by Timemagazine (just over a year later) and is currently valued at around $1 billion dollars. Just how popular is it? Pinterest was the 61st most-visited U.S. web property in June, with 20.5 million unique visitors.

Today we take a look at 10 Pinteresters (or Pinterest Users) who do more than just provide us with pretty pictures, they give us real life tips and tricks on how to make our lives easier. So next time you’re looking to whip up a new meal, plan an exciting trip or buy a unique gift, look to these expert curators to guide you along the way.

1. Real Simple

It’s easy to see why Real Simple would top our list. The first publication to crack 100,000 Pinterest followers, Real Simple is a monthly magazine that’s known for its articles on how to make life easier, or more simple. Its 69 Pinterest boards are a natural extension of its brand with titles like Weeknight Meals, Problem-Solving Products and, one of its most popular, New Uses for Old Things. Their creative and clever tips touch everything from food and entertaining to cleaning and decorating.

2. Better Homes and Gardens

From breakfast and brunch recipes to holiday decorating ideas, Better Homes and Gardens has you covered. The magazine that, month after month, provides ideas and projects for your home and garden, now gives you a quick, visual way to experience them with its 89 boards. Here you can follow specific boards like Smart Storage Solutions and Grow Your Own Produce. This is a great place to start if you’re looking to spiff up your home or just live a little brighter.


It makes perfect sense that the television channel generally centered around home improvement projects would have a popular Pinterest page. HGTV on Pinterest currently has over 115,000 followers! Though it only has 28 boards, you’ll still find plenty of inspiration here. Search by specific rooms in the house like bedrooms, living room and kitchen or come to learn some nifty crafts. In fact, for those feeling particularly “crafty,” check out their Handmade board where you can learn how to do everything from create a sunburst mirror to make a primitive wine rack.

4. Martha Stewart Living

From the editors of the magazine Martha Stewart Living comes a Pinterest page that’s filled 40 boards of inspiration. Follow all of their boards or pick and follow the ones that you find most useful. Similar to HGTV, their boards are divided up by rooms in the house as well as crafts and holidays. Not sure what you should bring to the next party? Check out Drinks. Looking to surprise your love with a fresh bouquet of flowers? Click on Floral Design.

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5. Whole Foods

While a large supermarket chain that emphasizes natural and organic products doesn’t seem like it would belong on this list, you’d be surprised to find out that this Pinterester, with over 52K followers, has pages loaded with inspiring ideas. Not only does Whole Foods’ Pinterest page have recipes ranging from vegetarian to grilled meat dishes, they also have a board called Food Tips and Tricks with over 700 pins. Though curated by Whole Foods, anyone can become a board contributor. Here you’ll discover neat ideas on how to prepare and serve dishes in ways you may have never thought of.

6. Apartment Therapy

The popular home decorating blog Apartment Therapy has a Pinterest page with just 10 Boards. Don’t let that fool you because if you’re looking for home design inspiration, this is where you’ll find it. Come here to see how real people have decorated their own homes. Apartment Therapy’s Design Tips board, which has over 46,000 followers, gives you advice on how to make your home a happier place. Taken from their website, these 50 pins include 5 Completely Free Ways to Make Your House a Home and 10 Tips to Update, Refresh & Modernize Your Home. One of their most popular posts is called Tips For Making Moving More Organized and Less Painful.

7. West Elm

West Elm, the retail store that features contemporary furniture designs, has 38 boards filled with inspiration for your home. Rather than just pin from their own website, West Elm scours the web and brings together home trends you can apply to your daily life. There’s a little something for everyone here – whether you’re a naturalist or a globalist, a revivalist or a modernist. Their board called Creative Reuse even shows you ways you can turn everyday objects into fantastic works of art.

8. Croft Global Travel

Though Travel Channel outnumbers Croft Global Travel in the number of Pinterest followers (20K to 4K), Croft Global Travel has more useful boards related to travel. These include boards like Essential Travel Swag and Travel Books Worth Reading. More than just an inspiration site, this Pinterest user is a must-follow for its tips on how and where to travel. In fact, it divides up its best places by continent. Run by travel consultants, their mantra is “More like a local, less like a tourist.”

9. Modern Parents Messy Kids

If you’re a modern parent who believes in “raising engaged kids, organizing your life, and creating a stylish home” (who doesn’t), then check out this popular Pinterester. Love crafts? Here you’ll find tons of great ideas in Tutorials. Searching for simple ways to get organized? There’s a board for that, too. Though most of the pins have a child slant, there’s also healthy slow cooker recipes and totally doable dream house ideas for the adult.

10. Etsy

The ultimate craft marketplace, Etsy, is also a very popular Pinterester with over 114K followers. While it does show off some of its greatest finds within its own site, Etsy’s Pinterest page is also filled with DIY project ideas, recipes and just stuff they love. Next time you’re looking for a unique gift, look to their board, Gift Ideas, for a quick and easy way to peruse their shop.

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